Pineapple price drops to Rs 10 per kg; farmers in distress

Kothamangalam (Ernakulam): The hostile weather and the price drop have given a tough ..

wild dog
Mother buffalo watches helplessly calf devoured by wild dog in Kothamangalam
Rat snake
Man arrested for making curry with rat snake that crawled into his house
Isolated tribal hamlets
Heavy rain: Tribal hamlets in Kothamangalam isolated
Fire force help man

Man calls fire force from inside 25-ft deep well; finally rescued

Kothamangalam: When Benny fell into a 25-feet deep well, he cried for help continuously but nobody heard. Then he remembered about ..


Lone tusker dies of electric shock on house compound

Kothamangalam: A lone wild tusker that was wreaking havoc in the inhabited area died in a pathetic way the other day. The 10-year-old ..

kothamangalam murder

Elderly woman found murdered by slitting throat at rubber plantation

Kothamangalam: An elderly woman was found murdered by slitting her throat in a rubber plantation near Pandara City at Vadattupara here ..


Driver follows Google Maps, car falls into 30-ft trench

Kothamangalam (Ernakulam): Three persons had a miraculous escape after the car in which they were travelling fell into a water-filled ..

Rose Maria

140 MLAs and more; Child prodigy Rose Maria’s exhibition to raise fund for CMDRF

Kothamangalam: Rose Maria was always passionate of drawing pictures of renowned personalities. She takes only a few minutes to draw ..

Arapaima gigas

6.75 feet long, weighs 100 kg; Giant fish from Amazon pulls crowd

Kothamangalam (Ernakulam): A giant fish that weighs more than 100 kg and has a length of 6.75 feet has drawn crowd to the fish farm ..

mobile gym

Rs 1.75 cr worth luxury mobile gym made in Kerala for Kannada actor Nikhil

Kothamangalam: Following the luxury caravan, a mobile gymnasium is also going to be introduced in the film industry soon. The manufacturers ..