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WhatsApp now back on Google Play Store

San Francisco: Facebook-owned WhatsApp on Saturday confirmed that the app was now ..

Whats App
WhatsApp disappears from Google Play Store
Kerala to empower mothers in technology
Chandrayaan 2
Vikram Lander and the mysterious south pole of the moon
laptops file pic

DGCA asks passengers not to carry certain MacBook Pro models in flights

New Delhi: Aviation regulator DGCA on Monday said passengers should not carry models of 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops that Apple deemed ..

ISRO chairman sivan

India to launch Cartosat-3 satellite in Oct/Nov

Chennai: India will launch its advanced cartography satellite, Cartosat-3, towards the end of October or early November, said K.Sivan, ..

android 10

Google ditches desserts, unveils Android 10

San Francisco: Breaking the 10-year history of naming Android releases after desserts, Google on Thursday announced it had officially ..


Microsoft contractors listening to your Skype, Cortana chats

San Francisco: Microsoft has admitted that third-party contractors listen to your voice conversations on Skype and virtual assistant ..


Smartphone charging cable can steal your data too

San Francisco: Next time when you borrow a charging cable for your smartphone or iPad, think twice. A hacker has shown that an iPhone ..

vikram sarabhai

Google Doodle celebrates Vikram Sarabhai's 100th b'day

New Delhi: As Chandrayaan-2 cruises to reach the moon by August 20 and drop a lander called 'Vikram' on the Earth's sole ..

Face App

US calls for investigation into Russia-made FaceApp

New York: The chart-topping Russian-made FaceApp, which allows users to see how they will look as they age, found itself in the eye ..


Now a device to wake up drowsy drivers

Lucknow:The Uttar Pradesh State Roadways Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is now planning to deploy special devices in buses that will ..

face recognition

Face recognition technology a double-edged sword for India

New Delhi: As the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) under Home Ministry aims to install Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) ..


Here's how you can click a better selfie

If you are not a pro in taking selfies, doing simple things like positioning your face slightly to one side can make your photo look ..

Whats App
WhatsApp disappears from Google Play Store
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