Kalyassery: A new method for diagnosing tuberculosis developed by a team of students of Pune Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) including Malayalis has received international acclaim. Normally, tuberculosis (TB) can be detected only 4 weeks after blood testing. But the team comprising Malayali students has presented a project which proves that the disease can be diagnosed within 6-8 hours through genetic engineering.

The project prepared by combining mathematics and biology was presented in International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM), a worldwide synthetic biology competition. 310 student teams from 44 countries had participated in the iGEM competition. The team members successfully presented the theoretical and practical parts of the project, which earned them appreciation from the judging panel. Presently, the detection of TB is rather complicated and it requires expensive technology and equipments. On the other hand, the newly developed method is easier and less expensive.

P. C. Zakhiya and Jyothish S. are the Malayali members of the team. Zakhiya is the daughter of Kalyassery native P. Musthafa and Rukhiya. Jyothish is the son of Kollam Thattamala native P. Sudhakaran and V. Bindu. Tamil Nadu native Charvee Ravichandran, Maharashtra natives Avani Koparker, Yash Joshi and Odisha native Aarti Kejriwal were also part of the project team. Also IISER Professor Dr. Chaithanya, Students Charvi, Ramachandran and Saumil Shah were among them.