PlantKozhikode: A new plant species spotted in the outskirts of Kozhikode has been named after a Malayali researcher. The plant belonging to apocynaceae family has been christened 'Ceropegia Nambiyana', in honour of Prof Santhosh Nambi, head of Calicut University Directorate of Research.

The plant is known as Nagathumpa, Nottanodan Valli, or Thammanam Kizhangu in local parlance. It was found at Ponkunnumala in Nanmanda. An article on the discovery was published in the new volume of the International Journal of Advanced Research.

The flowers of the plant resemble lanterns. There are 66 species of plants belonging to Ceropegia genus found in India. Of them, 46 are found in the Western Ghats. Twenty-two plants including the new one have been found in Kerala.

A research team including Assistant Professor Manudev, Botany Department, Devagiri St Joseph's College; Dr Sharat Kamble, Goa University; and Dr Pramod and P S Prakash, Botany Department, Brennen College, Thalassery spotted the plant.