Defying the biting cold wind, a group comprising more than 100 persons from India were cheerfully shouting in the second court of Olympic tennis centre in Rio.

saniaIn the court below, Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna were engaged in a fierce battle carrying the hopes of an entire nation. Their opponents were heavy weights. _ World No. 2 Andy Murray and doubles specialist Heather Watson.

As the medal hopes keep shattering one-by-one, the Indian anticipate a consolation win at least from the tennis court. Without disappointing the chhering crowd, Sania and Bopanna played their heart out beating the duo from Great Britain.

Normally, the women member has to strive hard in the mixed doubles since the opponents would target her. But, Sania could fine-tune her game by sensing such a move.

The credit of this victory goes to Sania. Her returns to the powerful serves from Murray stood out. In the post-match briefing, Rohan too admitted it.

“The match is half won if we can have a partner like Sania. She plays brilliantly,” he said.

If we analyse at the game, the highlight was the understanding between Sania and Rohan. They were backing and encouraging each other throughout the match.

Visuals from the mixed doubles semi finals:

Rohan had been outstanding with his skill to shoot half volleys by advancing towards the net and taking the opponents by surprise. The precise planning of the Indian pair was evident in their easy win over the tough rivals.

They targeted Heather consistently thereby denying Murray the chance to play freely. As Heather started committing errors, Murray succumbed to the pressure.

As the Indian duo made steady progress, the Indians the gallery encouraged them with applauds. Sania was often seen greeting the fans. However, Rohan was entirely focused on the game. For Rohan, only racquet and balls exist before him once he steps into a court.

Rohan doesn’t even look at his opponents and he hardly he speaks inside the court. Whenever the referee made doubtful calls, it was Sania who raised contentions.

Sania’s showcase which is adorned with Grand Slam trophies and gold medals from Asian Games and Commonwealth lacks an Olympic medal.

When asked about it, she said, “Now we are one step closer to making an accomplishment. I think now we can start dreaming. When you start dreaming, you should dream it big,” Sania said hinting that she is aiming nothing less than a gold.

Sania is a true fighter who made incredible achievements in the court and outside. With ‘Silent Killer’ Rohan Bopanna at her company, we can keep our hopes high.