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Rio de Janeiro: The Rio Olympics ended in a blaze of colour with an exuberant closing ceremony as Tokyo took up the baton promising to host the best Games yet in 2020.

After a rollercoaster fortnight which mixed off-field hitches with compelling sporting drama, Olympics chief Thomas Bach hailed a "marvellous" Games in the Brazilian city.

"These were marvellous Olympic Games in the marvellous city," said Bach, as he declared the Games closed and the Olympic flame was extinguished. "These Olympic Games are leaving a unique legacy for generations to come. History will talk about a Rio de Janeiro before and a much better Rio de Janeiro after the Olympic Games."

Rio Olympics
Photo: AFP

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a comical cameo as Nintendo video game character Super Mario as Tokyo set out its store for 2020. "The Japanese government will... work hard so it will be the best Olympics ever," Abe said. (AFP)