Thiruvananthapuram: The police have made a crucial breakthrough in Jisha murder case as they have obtained the DNA details of the culprit.  According to the DNA report, the DNA in the saliva is not matching with the DNA of those who were taken into police custody, the report said.

The police got the DNA sample from the culprit’s saliva which was found on the dress worn by Jisha during the incident and also on her body parts where she was bitten.

With the identifying of the culprit's DNA, the police have got a crucial  evidence, which the culprit unknowingly left during the murder.

Though the police conducted dental examination of all the locals and collected their fingerprints, they did not recieve any evidence leading to the culprit.

The crucial DNA evidence was obtained after conducting tests at Kakkanad forensic lab and Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Bio-technology at Thiruvananthapuram. As the police can examine the DNA of those suspected to be involved in the murder, the police are hopeful that there won't be delay in nabbing the culprit.