True essence of Ganesh Chaturthi

‘Darpanah’- A soul’s reflection of Enlightenment

A story never gets far without its essence...... A tale never gets completed without its soul....

Finding that right weave of the layer and the passion gets her the finesse of being an enchanting tale of an awakening illumination, a fine chronicle of devotion unbound...the words to pass through centuries, the sagas to be told unlimited where the chants of prayers get the spirit high... Times are changing, so are the thoughts and concept of a true devotion. Its time man proceeds with the first step as the Almighty had taken his when the first being was created.

It’s the saga where the Almighty boons the light of Enlightenment through the reflection to his subject and thus with the message embodied in a series of symbolic representations. This tale here weaves the intricate bond of the divine deity and his adherent through the mystic aura of the majestic beauty in the commitment and understanding of the true elements in it.

Wishing everyone a Ganesh Cathurthi with all its blessings, affluence, cheerfulness and revelries for a beautiful today and tomorrow...


Director: Kenaz Mathew George

Model: Nayana B. Menon

Photography: Anand Krishnan

Content: Chakshu Jose

Costumes & Styling: Cinu Mariam George (Darpanah Fashions)


The reflection of a soul

Nothing gets more exciting and joyous for her than receiving a gift on an auspicious occasion; and that too accepting it from an elder has the day even brightened up for her.

The beauty in presents gets more enticing when the story of a deeper meaning gets attached to it. The tale of the divine parents -Lord Shiva and Mata Parvathi, gives the meaning in bountiful gifting a spiritual twist too.



The beauty in Prettification

Her getting ready and in euphoric preparation with an air of eagerness not only justifies the excitement of the occasion, but it also gives due respect to the celebrations of the time.

The whole day is all about existing in with the revelries, and offering the prayers in a core to mix with modernity getting it to the right essence of the day.


Vichintha Aathma

For her the mirror shows the self in front of you. In a cosmic way, it is said that when being in preparation of a delighted time, your soul reflects onto your face and it in turn displays your true self in the mirror.

To be in tune with that concept, what can be grander and impressive than decking up yourself in a figurative and spiritual ornamentation apt for the time’s celebrations?


Thoughts of devoutness

For her, looking in a reflective and well-presented approach not only gives her the satisfaction of being finely spruced, but in a way it also shows your true devotion to the diurnal and its events. To be responsible and accountable (that your nature will thank you later in the future) is a topic to be self-echoed upon. She has the understanding of the importance in having an appearance well justified according to the occasion.


Powering the inner light

Like the light needs to be lit on fuel, like the flames feast on its energy... She has her soul powered on the thoughts of the day and her hopes for a better tomorrow- for her and her surroundings.

It is like a prayer being prepared to be offered as a submission, as an entreaty for her, for her fellow beings and for her mother earth- to be protected, to be safeguarded.


Nothing reflects more in the oil being poured into the lamp than existing through a thought process of consideration, getting prepared in a mode of soul searching, in the spirit of the prayers offered. She has her yearnings offered in her believes and in her devoutness. In turn the supreme power enlightens her core and extents the shine in and around her. She gets gifted and in turn she aids it all.


Igniting the fire from within

She is in the bliss of the day. Her actions reflect her joyousness and the excitement she has as the day progresses.

She takes a moment to mirror her soul like the flames in her lamp reflecting its divinity and purpose it’s going to share. As the light symbolised the removal of darkness and the spreading of the brightness all around, it can be said that this lamp and the wick it holds implies (in a way) the good deeds making their way into the centre stage in a triumphant siege of the gloom.

The preparation of the wick itself has the significance of formulating a source of positive energy to be welcomed soon. The lamp in its own way is a celestial sign of a blessing and success.


Let it shine, Let it glow

Not anything is more eye-catching of a sight than a pure form of divine delight and guiltless devoutness. She is the woman of the present- she is a victor and she is a life giver... She makes things fine, She lights up her environs... With that gracefulness of purity, the flames purifying her soul; she is a sight of an internal echo as the emblematic dainty cascades on the humanity to bring wisdom and prosperity to all.


Offer them the light in you

Certain instances have that special power that they bring the spirituality even in the most curved souls; such is the piousness of the time. Keeping to the true embodiment of the air and the sensation of the day, she has that characteristic of holiness and the epithet within her soul.

It’s that time when her preparation of dedication and perseverance is culminating in the finale of the period with the offering as a spark of light- lighting humanity, lighting her and lighting all. Let this be that spell when the factual essence of Darpanah is made: to give entirely the light in you.


To new beginnings and end of all hindrances

Ganpathi Bappa Morya, Magal Moorthi Morya... She is ecstatic, she is euphoric... Her joy is beyond bounds. All her provisions and festivities were to celebrate this instance. It’s this day when the Lord of all good fortune and wisdom was born to safe guard the humanity from the root of all evils. She can’t part with her divine father, so she keeps him forever in this opulent form in grace.

Lord Ganesh, otherwise known as Vignahartha (destroyer of all obstacles) blesses her with the insight of true enlightenment, into the essence of being one with the environment, to keep its divinity and to have the veneration of what is given to us by the one who gives it all. Let this passage be a beautiful start to safe guard what’s around us, to respect what is with us and to honor what’s for us.

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