Water levelKozhikode: Author and screenplay writer MT Vasudevan Nair carried out the official launch of the documentary which thoroughly analyses the different scopes of rebuilding Kerala. The documentary was named ‘Water Level’. The event was held in Kozhikode.

The idea for making such a documentary came from the need and relevance to visualize the post-flood condition of the state. The documentary looks into the various scopes and challenges involved in the rebuilding process. It also conducts a detailed study of the type of planning required, the ways to overcome challenges and methods to approach them and also the action projects to be implemented for it.

The subject analysis conducted by popular personalities and experts have also been included in the documentary. The film is produced in English language and it will be made in such a way that it is recognized forever for its role in rebuilding post-floods.

The project head is Dr. MK Muneer. Samad Truth, a young businessman from Qatar, will be producing the documentary under the banner of Truth Group. It will be directed by Faizal Noordheen and Novin Vasudev will be the creative director.

The story is penned by writer and journalist T Arun Kumar. Popular photographer Jithesh Damodar will be the cinematographer.

Seira Salim would be the research team head and the designs are done by Rajesh Chalode. The technical team for the documentary is led by popular sound designer PM Satheesh.