Payyoli: More than 500 artists from 27 states of India and 4 foreign countries arrived for the handicraft exhibition at Sargaalaya, the art and craft village at Iringal. But Alinda and Mariya from Kampala of Uganda are the stars of the exhibition.

These Ugandan ladies are specially noted for their friendly manner and smile to the visitors rather than their skill of selling. Consequently, the Ugandan pavilion witnessed a crowd of people taking selfies with the ladies. The ladies are accompanied by Alinda’s daughter Khadeeja and an assistant called Joseph.

The African women opined that they felt as if they have reached an imaginary world when they arrived at Sargaalaya. They have come with a collection of the traditional handicrafts and jewellery of Africa and dark shaded oil and water colour paintings.

The handicrafts and jewellery made of wood and banana fiber, artefacts made of bones and horns of cow and camel, cloth bags, purses and many other objects are in their collection. Artists from South Africa, Nepal and Sri Lanka also have come to take part in the exhibition.