Siddharth Muralee Nair

Kochi: Siddharth can tell you the day of the week of any date in the past ten years. He is gifted with an ability to remember anything related to the fields he is interested in. He is also capable of making coffee, tea, omelet and chicken curry. When a 16-year-old boy does all these chores, there is nothing special about it. But Siddharth is affected with Asperger's syndrome, an autistic disorder, from the age of two.

Siddharth Muralee Nair is the only son of Muralee Thummarukudy, the Chief of Disaster Risk Reduction in the UN Environment Programme, and Dr. Jayasree Maniyelil, Pathology Consultant at Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi. Siddharth was born in Muscat and grew up in Geneva. His parents realized that his world is full of colours and figures. The boy is now planning to conduct an exhibition of his paintings. He draws using any medium, and prefers landscape. A calendar was designed last year including Siddhath’s pictures. His painting exhibition will be held from January 3 to 7.

First Siddharth was denied admission in about 50 schools including government schools. Later, he joined Thripunithura Choice School in 2006, and passed SSLC in CBSE syllabus with 7.7 grade point. Now he is studying in Plus One. He has a stunning memory power, and is able to perform all his routine activities by himself. He is busy the whole day with treadmill walking, Surya Namaskara, cycling and shuttle badminton. He speaks Malayalam and English, and is learning French as well.

In developed countries, autistic children are ensured job opportunities. In fact, the autistic person is not given any consideration, but the people around them are trained to deal with them. Siddharth is able to do any task assigned to him. He has only trouble with socializing. He watches only cookery shows in TV. He loves travelling. He has already visited many foreign countries. The boy remembers the day and date of the journey, and even the names of the flights he boarded.

A painting by Siddharth