Chengannur:  The distance is the same, the route too does not differ. But the cost of ticket differs. This is how KSRTC charges its passengers on the Adoor Chengannur route. A passenger received two different prices on the same route from Adoor to Chengannur in two different buses.  And the two tickets does not vary by a few rupees but by Rs 8.

A passenger who took a KSRTC bus in the morning from Adoor to Chenganoor was charged Rs 24 and on his return journey he had to cough up Rs 32.  When the passenger wanted to know why he was charged more, he was told that the bus travelled extra distance as the Pandalam bridge was under repair.


KSRTC implemented this fare hike not intimating passengers or by any kind of announcement.  Passengers travelling daily will be hard hit as they have to shell out Rs 16 extra.  A ticket from Pandalam to Chenganoor is charged Rs 6 extra. KSRTC implemented the fare hike by a share stage.

With the Kuruthottil bridge near Pandalam under repair, KSRTC is diverting its services from Thumpaman, Ambalakadavu, Elanadu and Kulanada. KSRTC officials informed that the bus has to travel extra distance of 10 kms.

With diversion of the route, a passenger also has to spend an extra half-an-hour for the journey.  The order for this fare hike was announced on Monday, said KSRTC authorities. However, some tickets have not incorporated the fare hike and are still issuing tickets with old fares printed.