Kalpetta: European roller, a rare migratory bird, has been spotted in Wayanad. The bird, locally known as ‘European Panankakka’ was found for a first time in Wayanad.

The migratory bird was caught in camera at Thirunelli by Srihari K Mohan, a student at Thrissur Forestry College. He found two birds and one of them had a broken beak. Ornithologists opine that it was unusual to find the bird in Wayanad as it is commonly seen in warmer places.

In India, ‘Kattu Panankakka’ and ‘Panankakka’ are usually seen, but European Panankakka is rare. Bird observatory records say that the European roller has been spotted in Kerala only 26 times so far. They reach Kerala in September-January months, after spending their breeding season in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, Spain and Turkey.

The European roller has bright plumage and a hooked bill. It is mainly blue with an orange-brown back. Previously the bird was listed among the endangered species. Later, it was struck down from the list in 2015 as its population rose in Central Asia.