Chathu NairMulleria: Chathu Nair, native of Karadka, handed over his 74 cent agriculture land to forest department after facing threats to life and agriculture from wild elephants. Subsequently, based on his application, the department valued his land and house for a sum of Rs 19 lakh on March 13, 2013.

However, the proposed amount never came his way. Chathu Nair died on Wednesday morning, landless in a rental house. He didn't get his money until the death came.

Herd of wild elephants that came from across the Karnataka border had destroyed his agriculture, including areca nut palms, banana plantations, coconut trees and his store house.

His income was stopped when agriculture was destroyed and all he had was his house. In 2016, the elephants came into  the courtyard and tried entering inside the house. It was after throwing ignited clothes at the animal, he and his wife had the narrow escape.  

At the time of incident, Chathu Nair (92) and his wife (80) were alone in the house. Following that, relatives and locals compelled them to shift from the area to save their lives.

Yet, he continued there for some more time as he was not ready to leave the land he had shed sweat on. As the elephants arrived again, Chathu Nair had no other options but to leave. He handed over the land to forest department with a hope to get land somewhere else safe. He took a rental house at Karadka Barkole and later moved to Ayarkad.

The only income of the family was the old age pension. 

Chathu Nair had waited for 5 years expecting the money from forest department to buy land where there is no threat from wild animals. He had even decided on few properties to buy when he gets the money. However, he couldn’t realise it.