Punalur (Kollam): Parrots are the current stars at the Venad Utsav featuring at the Chemmanthoor Municipality Stadium in Punaloor.

A bird exhibition is organised together with the Sargotsav by the municipality in which foreign parrots are stealing the show.

Parrots from South America, Africa, Australia and Indonesia are exhibited here.

Among them ‘Macaw’ from Africa is a main crowd puller.

Macaws are neotropical parrots or new world parrots mainly found in the African forest regions. Macaws eat a variety of foods including seeds, nuts, fruits, palm fruits, leaves, flowers, and stems. With a length of 90 cm to 1 m and weight more than 2 kg, they lay eggs only once a year.

Keenly observing the human behaviour, Macaws are able to mimic them. They are also able to ride small toy bicycles and shoot bullets from toy cannons.

The feast will conclude on January 7. On week days the visiting time is from 2pm to 9pm whereas on holidays, it commences at 11am.