Ranni: A bed-ridden 90-year-old woman was summoned to the police station in connection with a land dispute. The elderly lady was brought to the station by her relatives on a cot. The incident took place on Friday evening.

Puthusserimala native Mariyamma had to appear before the Ranni police station despite her age-related ailments. She was brought near to the station in a car and carried on a cot to the station. Her relatives said that the church authorities lodged a complaint against them alleging they encroached land and chopped the trees there. In fact, they had only cut down a few branches of a tree that leaned over their house.

Mariyamma and family have been residing in the house for the past 74 years and have all the documents regarding the ownership. But some church authorities allegedly keep trying to grab the land. A gang of people had trespassed into their house on Wednesday and tried to throw out the family. Mariyamma’s daughter and son-in-law were injured in the attack. The police were hesitant to charge a case on their complaint but instantly summoned the family on the complaint lodged by the opposition party.

Mariyamma’s relatives said they will lodge a complaint with the Police Chief, Human Rights Commission and the Women’s Commission. Meanwhile, Circle Inspector S. Newman responded that both the parties in the dispute were summoned to the station as part of enquiry and they had not summoned the elderly lady. He added that a case was charged in connection with the incident of attacking the family.