New Delhi: Believe it or not! The price of a clay pot, owned by a Malayali businessman, is Rs 12 lakh. Claimed to be the largest clay pot in the world, the pot weighs 280 kg.

A P Roshan, a Malayali businessman, bought the pot during an exhibition of handicrafts in the Sanskriti Kala Kendra at Ghitorni in New Delhi. According to Roshan, the sole reason behind paying such a huge amount for the clay pot is his passion for handicrafts.

Janakpuri-native Bhuvanesh Prasad Prajapathi is the maker of the clay pot.

Guruvayur Kottappadi native A. P. Roshan is a pharmacist. He buys handicrafts that fascinates him. He has a hug collection of handicrafts at home. Roshan plans to place the largest pot in the garden of his new house under construction. The pot will be carried to his place in a specially arranged truck, and it will take about a week to reach there.

The clay pot was the major attraction of this year’s exhibition.

Sculptor Bhuvanesh said that he took about five years to complete the largest clay pot. The pot was broken many times during the making, but the sixth attempt was succeeded.

Bhuvanesh belongs to a traditional pot maker family. The pot that has a diameter of 63 inches was built in the ordinary pottery wheel. The current Guinness record is held by a clay pot made in China, which has a diameter of 60 inches.