Muthanga: ‘Kalloor Komban’, a wild tusker caught from forest is learning the lessons of captive elephant after two years of captivity. ‘Kalloor Komban’ was freed on October 25th from the two years of cage life to get training.

The elephant was calm when he was released, but later turned violent. Following that he was shot with tranquilizer. Komban was tied in the compound itself. The tusker came to normal condition within few days and became friendly with mahouts.

In normal cases, wild elephants would be released from cage within 100 days since its capture. Yet, Kalloor Komban had to stay in cage for two years due to objections from some people. Long captivity might have caused him angry.

According to mahouts, since last two weeks, the tusker created no tensions. Elephant squad range officer P Sunil also agrees to their opinion.

The elephant is under tight supervision as it is in musth period. Forest veterinary surgeon Dr Arun Zachariah treated the elephant on Wednesday.