Mala: Seeking the blessings of ancestors, a Jewish family from Israel arrived at Mala in Thrissur on Tuesday. Abraham and Haniya carried out the naming ceremony of their two children at the Jewish cemetery here.

Remains of Jewish settlements, including a Jewish synagogue and cemetery, are protected in Mala. This is one of the oldest Jewish settlements in Kerala.

Abraham’s grandfather Eliahu Joseph and father Dekal Eliahu were laid to rest in the cemetery here.

Hence, the couple named their children as Yudhania and Rudhania in a traditional ceremony at the cemetery here. They believe that naming ceremony of children should be carried out in the presence of their ancestors.

As per their belief, at first, the names for children should be informed to ancestors. The name should be disclosed to others only after this.

Uttering the names of the children, Abraham and Haniya circumambulated the tombs of their ancestors.

Later, they announced the names to their companions from Israel and others who witnessed the ceremony. The Jewish couple reached as a team of 30 people for the traditional ceremony here. They also visited the Jewish synagogue, a heritage place of Jews in Mala.