Chittilanchery: Huge tombs supposedly buil during the Iron Age have been found at Veezhmala valley in Palakkad district. Prof. K Rajan, head of the History Department at Palakkad Victoria College has detected the Iron-Age burial site here. 

The big as well as small tombs in the site are on the brink of ruin in the absence of any measures to preserve them.

“In Southern India, the Iron Age refers to period between BC 1000 to AD 300. It is assumed that our ancestors who started farming after the discovery of iron have constructed the tombs here. These Iron Age monuments are found in different sizes.

Some have decayed while some are destroyed by the people. K Rajan said this tombs belong to the Sangam period, considered the second phase of iron age in India.

Bones of the deceased, pottery, weapons like sword, knife and trishul were found from tombs. Tombs were construct in rocky areas.

“The tombs in Veezhmala is evidence for human settlement in the area during Iron Age,” said the Professor.