Kambalakkadu (Wayanad): In a bizarre incident, a hen has given birth to a chick without an egg at Kambalakkadu in Wayanad district of Kerala.

Taking the entire village into surprise, Kambalakkadu-native PC Ibrayi’s hen, instead of laying eggs, gave birth to chick with an umbilical cord.

The hen is an indigenous breed in the poultry farm owned by Ibrayi.

The hen was on course to hatch 11 eggs. A worker in the farm found a black chick near the hen on Monday. The chick had an umbilical cord and was found dead. He also noticed that the eggs were not hatched.

The hen was in a cage covered with net. As it was not possible for other animals to enter here, it was confirmed that the hen has given birth to the chick.

“The egg must have hatched inside the hen’s reproductive system after which it might have got struck in it. The natural hatching process, which takes around 21 days, might have taken place inside the bird's reproductive system. The egg shells and blood in the chick’s body support this claim, “said Veterinary surgeon Dr Mustafa Kotta from Varadoor Veterinary Hospital.