Charummoodu: Madhavankutty, the elephant which was kept chained when in musth, was taken by its owner on Tuesday from Thamarakulam. The elephant was owned by Aanayadi resident Sreelal.

On Tuesday, Mathrubhumi had published the news about the elephant which was tortured under captivity after showing indications of musth. As an impact of the news, Forest official Latheesh reached the spot and inspected the elephant. Former mahout of the elephant confirmed that the elephant does not have musth. The official directed the owner to take the elephant from the unhygienic area.

The elephant was hired and ended chained up at Thamarakulam on the way to Aanayadi. The elephant’s mahout was under treatment after getting injured in an accident. So the mahout in-charge for a temporary period took the elephant and chained up in a land at Thamarakulam. The mahout left the injured elephant in the land without making any arrangements for its treatment.

Though the natives gave food, they were not able to take it for a bath or clean up the surroundings.