Kasaragod: Jack and Ricky, the two German Shepherd dogs owned by Shalima have got train tickets to Thiruvananthapuram finally. Both the animals along with thier owner were waiting at the Kasaragod railway station for a whole day due to uncertainty in allowing dog box in train.

Later Jack and Ricky were taken in two trains. Jack was taken in Parasuram Express and Ricky was taken in Eranadu express. Shalima and her helper accompanied each one in the trains.

Shalima and her helper were a bit upset since Jack was suffering from stomach pain after long hours of waiting at the railway station. They have decided to take Jack to a veterinary hospital once they reach Thiruvananthapuram. Shalima’s husband Biju and their children will come to receive them at the station.

Shalima accompanied by her pets and the helper reached Kasaragod railway station on Saturday. But they did not get tickets for Maveli Express which was scheduled at 6.25 pm to Thiruvananthapuram. The Railway authorities first refused to issue tickets as two dogs are not allowed together in a train with a person.

Thus, they have decided to take one dog with her assistant in Malabar Express which will come after Maveli.

But it was not easy for them to collect tickets for two separate trains. Thus they were forced to sit in the railway station for a whole night.

The officials settled the issue over the tickets on Sunday at 6 am. Thus, they reserved tickets for them in two trains.

Railway officials said Shalima failed to book tickets for the dogs as the railway parcel office gets closed at 5 pm and Shalima was late to report here.

Meanwhile, Shalima complained that the officials in charge were not ready to allot dog box though she had reached there at 4.45 pm. And finally, when the officials settled the issue, she missed both the Maveli Express and Malabar Express.