Thrissur: Dona, the police dog, had found clues which helped the investigation of four cases in the past two years. Among the four cases, the dog squad has got nomination for good service entry for three cases, which adds to the star value of Dona. The amazing track record proves that Dona is the ‘tiger’ of the squad.

Dona has led the investigation team to the culprits in the murder of 8-year-old Goutham Krishna in Mulankunnathukavu and three other murder cases. The dog sniffed the premises of the crime spot, and correctly led the police to the real culprits. The dog trainers foresee a bright future for Dona in crime investigation.

Two-year-old Dona belong to German Shepherd breed. Senior Civil Police Officer P. G. Suresh, Civil Police Officers P. P. Praveen Kumar and P. Sudheesh are presently training Dona. The dog joined the dog squad of police academy two years ago.