Thrissur: Abhay, an 18-year boy only, has a body weight of 20 kilos. Muscular dystrophy has made muscle degeneration and his skin is fixed to his bone. He lives in a wheelchair and is bedridden since 15 years. He is looking forward to a research programme, which is underway at Bengaluru, which could develop a medicine for this unusual genetic disorder.

Abhay has never attended school in his life. But he won seven A+ and three A grade for SSLC examination. His father Ramkumar and mother Geetha are his best friends.

Like other children, he too enjoyed his childhood till the age of 3. But later he got badly affected with a leg pain. His body started to weaken and his life has been destined to a wheelchair. His parents took him to many doctors but nothing yielded any results.

His father Ramkumar was an official in Indian Oil Corporation but later he moved to Gulf and returned home to take his son for treatment.

A doctor in Mumbai found that Abhay suffers from a genetic disorder called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Doctors concluded that any of his family members would have the disorder.

It is a condition in which the muscles loss its strength. Abhay is under treatment of Dr Viswanthan at Chennai Apollo hospital. The research team in Bengaluru headed by Dr Viswanathan, include eight scientists led by Dr Arun Sastri.

They plan to develop a medicine which can cure the disability of Exonym, a genetic content in his body. Dr Arun Sastri and Abhay used to chat online at least once a day.  He has informed Abhay that the research is progressing towards a crucial stage. Such a research is also progressing in USA.

Abhay is studying in plus one at Cherppu Govt. Higher Secondary School. He visited the school just to take admission. He drinks coffee and juice with a straw. His parents are there to help him.  His brother works as a graphic designer in Bengaluru.