Guruvayur: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that though our state has progressed as part of renaissance movements, there are still many who never moved along and it is a matter of thought. The contemporary period gives relevance to the hunger strike for Guruvayur temple entry. He was addressing the public after the inauguration of Guruvayur temple entry hunger strike memorial. He also added that those who speak about the violation of customs should look back at the Guruvayur hunger strike.

The Guruvayur hunger strike was staged by violating the customs. No national institutions or leaders came out against the strikes conducted then to end the bad practices that prevailed in Kerala. The Congress leadership then took the decision to violate customs during the strike at Guruvayur. Congress should conduct a self-examination whether it can take the same stance that it took during the renaissance period. 

Kerala rose to the present status by violating the wrong customs and rituals. Our social reformers taught us that the customs are meant to be violated.

“Our social life was trapped in many superstitions and felt sophisticated even to move. We’ve progressed from all that. But when our state progressed, some of us regressed,” CM alleged.