New Delhi: Film actor Suresh Gopi has said that Nairs should empower themselves instead of asking for reservation. For this , he proposed an idea called 'Nair Bank'. He was speaking at the Global conference of NSS here. Former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani inaugurated the conference. 

Suresh Gopi said that inorder to actualise the concept of 'equality for everyone' formulated by Mannath Padmanabhan, Nairs should make a unique reservation policy for themselves. The 'Nair Bank', with a networth of Rs 100-200 crore, would serve this purpose, he said. 

'A portion of the income received from work should be given to the bank. Mohanlal has promised that he will give Rs 2 crore if I give Rs 1 crore.  Actors like Priyadarshan have assured their co-operation. An economic confluence of worldwide Nairs should be organized for this purpose,' he said.

The actor said that nobody should question the NSS headquarters in Changanassery and if there are some matters which they cannot do, the NSS activists all over the world should be able to rush fast to the headquarters.

'The demand that reservation should be based on economic status, has been there for many years. A reservation exclusively by Nairs has to be actualised. To realise this, we have to empower ourselves. For this a policy should be taken that Nairs do not need reservation but only in unique ways,'  he said.

Speaking on the occasion, MP Shashi Tharoor said that NSS was an organization that had opened its doors transcending caste and religion. He opined that activites who transcend caste and religion must be undertaken in these times when some people have reduced Guru to one particular caste. Justice KS Radhakrishnan, Media secretary to the President,  Venu Rajamani, Director Major Ravi, Global NSS President Vishvanathan Venniyil, Secretary general MKG Pillai also spoke at the function.