Kochi:  The Economic Affairs Department has in a study pointed out that the past year saw the maximum contribution from the part of the migrant labourers in the state. Even though the survey does not include the changes in their numbers post demonititsation, the previous year saw a quantum jump in the number of imported unskilled labour in the labour starved state.

The major findings in the Survey are,

  • A total of 3.33 lakh construction activities of different sizes were completed in the last one year in the state.
  • Of this 15% were in the district of Thiruvananthapuram and 12% in Ernakulam which respectively come first and second.
  • Of the total construction that happened 89.7% is residential and 8.6% are non-residential and the rest is other utilities.
  • The maximum number of workers are employed in construction and second in stone masonry.
  • By percentages in Pathanamthitta they constitute 35% of the labour force, in Ernakulam 27.7% and in Idukki 23.7 %.
  • 45.9% of the labour scene is dominated by the migrant labourers as they are effectively filling the gap created by the severe labour shortage locally.
  • Despite the high numbers of migrant labourers coming to the state every year the construction sector is still reeling under labour shortage.
  • The reason behind several stalled projects is labour shortage. The next reason is of course the economic crisis.
  • Even though the migrant labourers are mostly unskilled they are also being employed in the skilled jobs recently.