Kottakkal: A rare plant discovered by scientists at the Centre for Medicinal Plants Research of Kottakkal Aryavaidya Sala has been named in honour of Ayurvedic scholar and Aryavaidya Sala Managing Trustee Dr P.K. Warrier.

The plant will be known in the name ‘Gymnostachyum warrieranum’.

A research team led by Dr Indira Balachandran and Dr K.M. Prabhakumar discovered the new plant from Aralam wildlife sanctuary in Kannur district.

Though similarities are there between this plant and another one found in western ghats, it was found that the anatomy of this plant is distinct from other plants.

The DNA analysis of the plant with three other plants of the same genus was completed with the help of Dr V.B. Shreekumar and Dr Suma Arundev, scientists at Kerala Forest Research institute.

The plant is seen 1500 ft above sea level and its flowering period extends from November to March.

Yellow and blue coloured flowers are the main specialty of the plant, which reaches to a height of 70 cms.

The leaves have long blossoms.

Though 14 plants of the same genus are seen in India, only seven of them has been discovered from kerala.

The scientists said that since many plants of this genus are used as medicine, the medicinal properties of this plant can be ascertained only after a detailed study.