Kollam: Railway authorities are mulling to link Aadhar with booking of free tickets or concessional tickets.

The requisition form for booking railway tickets has a column to fill up the Aadhar number. But it is not made mandatory. The Railways plan to follow the LPG subsidy line so that those who have concessions or free travel can book their ticket by paying the full amount and the subsidies will be doled out into their accounts later.

The visually impaired, physically disabled, those affected with cancer or kidney failures or heart problems, senior citizens, eminent artists, accredited journalists, sportspersons among 50 other categories are eligible for concessional free facilities. Senior citizens top the list of concessional travel. Cancer patients travelling for treatment and an assistant travelling with the patient are eligible for free travel in general class.

The government has shifted its focus to railway ticketing after the successful linking of Aadhar cards to LPG service.