Kochi: The information given by Suresh Gopi MP in the high court relating to his Puducherry registered vehicle is found fake in an investigation conducted by Mathrubhumi News.

He had informed the court that the vehicle is registered in the address of his flat that he had rented out in Puducherry since 2009. But, in the investigation it was found that even now the flat is occupied by the owners themselves.

The rent receipt of the flat with address C 3A, Karthik Apartments, Ellaipillaichavady, Puducherry and Mukthiyar was presented at the court along with the anticipatory bail plea.

In the plea, Suresh Gopi said that the owner Venkatesan and wife Vijaya had given the flat to him. He also informed that they were staying in Melagaram near Tenkasi.

But Vijaya told Mathrubhumi News that they came to Tenkasi for the treatment of their daughter and in the flat in Puducherry their son was staying.

Also their neighbour in Puducherry told that Venkatesan and Vijaya had been staying in the C 3A flat for years and now have gone to Tenkasi for their daughter’s treatment.  

The Crime Branch has registered a non-bailable case against actor for producing fake documents to evade road tax by for registering his vehicle in Puducherry under fake address.