Thiruvananthapuram: Malayalam will soon become the only official language in the state. Malayalam will be the first language in educational institutions and learning of Malayalam will be compulsory. Language development department will also be formed. These are the conditions in the final draft of the Bill aimed at promotion and development of Malayalam language, approved by the Cabinet the other day.

The Bill will be presented in the next Assembly session.

According to the Kerala official Languages Act, 1969, English and Malayalam are official languages in the state. The plan is to bring a comprehensive Malayalam law instead.

The questions in the competitive examinations conducted by the PSC and other government agencies should be prepared in Malayalam also. Cases in lower courts and judgments will be in Malayalam.

The orders, laws, and bylaws prepared on the basis of Central and state laws should be in Malayalam. They should also be translated to English. The Central laws published in English should be translated to Malayalam.

Malayalam will be the official language in government, semi-government, public sector, self-governing, and cooperative institutions. The letters to Central government, other states, High Court, and Supreme Court can be in English. Kannada and Tamil language minorities can write to the government in their language. They will get the replies in those languages or English.

The children whose mother-tongue is different should get the opportunity to learn Malayalam, too. However, they will be exempted from writing the Malayalam exams in ninth, 10th, 11th and 12th standards.

Those appointed in government services who have not learnt Malayalam as a subject in 10th, higher secondary, and degree classes should pass a PSC exam which is equivalent to the senior higher diploma conducted by the Malayalam Mission.

Cases in lower courts and judgments will be in Malayalam. The High Court should take necessary steps in this regard. The judgments in petty cases should be pronounced in Malayalam. The orders issued by all quasi-judicial bodies should be in Malayalam.

The names of all industrial products produced or sold in Kerala should be written in Malayalam. Their uses should be described in Malayalam, too.

A fine of Rs 5000-25,000 will be imposed on those violating the conditions.