Wadakanchery: The Kuthiran tunnel, which is under construction, will employ hi-tech facilities for safe and smooth journey. Light, air movement and temperature will be controlled automatically when a passenger or vehicle enter the tunnel. 

Daylight will be maintained inside the tunnel within 100 metres from the entrance during daytime. Moving further inside, intensity of the daylight will decrease and become normal. A total of 680 LED bulbs of 30,60, 100 and 150 watts will be installed for this purpose.

Specially designed 10 exhaust fans will be placed for proper ventilation and to blow out the smoke from vehicles.

Rays Electronics, the company which took the tender for the electric works, said that 75 percent of the work is completed in the left tunnel. The left tunnel, one among the two tunnels under construction in Kuthiran, is expected to be opened for vehicular traffic by the end of January.

Censors to detect level of temperature, carbon monoxide and light will be installed inside the tunnel. A control room will get alerts if there are any variations in measurements, which will be resolved through an automated system.

The control room will be constructed at the entrance of the tunnel on the Palakkad side. An LED display board at the entrance of the two tunnels will display the details of the temperature and traffic. A total of 15 telephones will be installed in the tunnel in order to help passengers contact control room in case of emergency.