Pathanamthitta: Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh on Thursday conducted a lightning raid against the illegal sale of liquor at two hotels in Pathanamthitta. 

The team headed by Rishiraj Singh raided the hotels, Kozhencherry Zion and Pathanamthitta Maramon.

The team closed down hotel Zion after they found the illegal sale of liquor. The team raid Maramon hotel in Pathanamthitta and found that beer was being served illegally at the hotel.

A raid against illegal liquor sale was conducted in Thiruvananthapuram by the team led by the Excise Commissioner the other day. The team raided bars and toddy shops.

Archana Beer Parlour was asked to shut down after it was found that foreign liquor was stored there. Two staff at the bar were also arrested.