At last, the third wicket of Pinarayi government fell down. The government is moving in a ratio of one resignation in 6 months. If Pinarayi can claim the credit of the first two wickets, the third one goes to the High Court. Eventhough Pinarayi had prepared a shield to protect Thomas Chandy, the High Court simply broke it down.

No court has ever made such harsh remarks against a minister in the history of Kerala. It seemed as if the High Court demanded the resignation which Pinarayi hesitated to ask.

Thomas Chandy became a headache to the government that has declared a non-compromising battle against corruption. The chief minister gave a special consideration to Thomas Chandy, which was absent in the case of E. P. Jayarajan who belonged to the same party as CM, who was from the same place and who was also the central committee member. He cannot take resort to the political etiquette, because there is A. K. Saseendran’s instance.

The minister had claimed that he would resign even the position of MLA, if they could prove that at least one cent of land was encroached by him. But finally, the court itself had to indirectly mention that the minister should resign from the post. When he approached the court to get a stay on the collector’s report, the court asked him to resign.

When a minister takes an arrogant stand that he would never resign, the chief minister should show him the way out as a responsible team captain. Now Kerala is going to discuss why Pinarayi Vijayan did not fulfill that responsibility.