Thiruvananthapuram: The state government has been trying help the plan of BJP and RSS to create conflicts in Sabarimala, alleged opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala. The chief minister’s argument that the hill shrine is under the control of police is false, Chennithala said.

The Sangh Parivar organisations have destroyed the peaceful atmosphere in Sabarimala. Though the government claimed to have deployed a huge force of police, they could not do anything, but also had to act in favour of RSS and BJP.

The RSS leader violated the custom by ascending the 18 holy steps without ‘Irumudikkettu’. With this, the RSS has humiliated the 18 holy steps. They even blocked women devotees who were above 50 and attacked devotees without ‘Irumudikkettu’ and media persons. Police remained mere spectators there, Chennithala said in the statement.

The attacks at Sabarimala by BJP and RSS were pre-planned which the police didn’t stop. RSS leader was allowed to speak through police’s megaphone. Even after the revelation of BJP state president Sreedharan Pillai came into light, the government didn’t stop them from exploiting the situation.

This reveals the unethical tie up between CPM and BJP. Both parties are trying to turn Sabarimala into a conflict zone. CPM and government act in favour of RSS and BJP. The government should try to restore peace at Sabarimala, said the Ramesh Chennithala.