Pathanamthitta: Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that everyone is liable to obey a verdict pronounced by supreme court. He was speaking in an LDF meeting at Pathanamthitta.

The government has made it clear it will not engage in any action that will weaken the supreme court verdict. Any action of such kind will weaken the law and order.

He also warned Devaswom Board in filing the review petition on Sabarimala women entry.

Flaying the tantri for his comments on closing down the temple if any young women enter inside, chief minister said that it is not the authority of the tantri to open and close the temple nada. According to rules the priest should also be celibate. But the celibacy of this tantri is known to all, he said.

Supreme court mainly examined whether the banning of women of menstrual age to the temple abides by the constitution. It observed that it was against the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution. Both men and women have the right to enter the temple and pray irrespective of their age. This observation is very important.

Some are demanding to bring in an ordinance against apex court verdict by demanding to the central government after convening assembly. The legislative assembly and government are created in accordance with the constitution. Everyone including ministers take oath upon the constitution. Hence all governments are to follow a stance that respects the constitution.

Sabarimala is different from all other worship centres in Kerala. Here everyone irrespective of their caste can enter the temple. Now supreme court has said that women can also enter. The traditionalists have always opposed social reform movements.

Many couldn’t understand the move of Congress to join BJP who took the Sabarimala issue as a possibility. Today's Congress is not the old Congress. One section of leaders has their physical presence in Congress but mind in BJP, CM alleged.