Thiruvananthapuram: CPI assistant secretary Prakash Babu said Thursday that the delay in Thomas Chandy's resignation helped UDF.

Responding to the CPM criticism against CPI for not participating in the cabinet meet, Prakash Babu said that the CPI was not informed that Thomas Chandy will submit his resignation.

"Thomas Chandy has resorted to an unusual procedure by filing a case against the government. In this scenario, CPI took the stand against the person who violated constitutional norms. If there was certainty that Thomas Chandy will submit resignation, they should have informed the CPI leadership. After the release of the solar report, the UDF was on the verge of destruction. However, Thomas Chandy issue helped them. The delay in Thomas Chandy's resignation benefited UDF. The revenue minister has not received the file on AG's legal advice over the collector's report. The CPI had informed the previous day that it will not sit with Thomas Chandy unless he submits his resignation. The CPI will point out if there is deviation in the election manifesto of the LDF," Prakash Babu said in a press conference here.

He added that the difference of opinion that existed between the CPM and CPI is over with the resignation of Thomas Chandy.

 Speaking at a press meet, CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishan had said that  the CPI’s decision to stay away from the cabinet meeting was immature.

“Eventually, the decision went in UDF’s favour,” he charged.

“The ‘bouquets-for-us brickbats-for-them’ policy is not viable in coalition politics. The CPI should rethink whether such an act is befitting in a coalition system,” Kodiyeri said.

“A decision on Chandy’s resignation was taken at 9 am itself. Even then, then CPI ministers absented themselves from the meeting. It was totally immature. The LDF should exercise caution in not handing over the opponents a weapon,” he said.