Kollam:  With Mathrubhumi News releasing the voice recording of an agent promising to secure admission to a student to Al Azhar College in Thodupuzha upon paying Rs 35 lakh, it has become clear that the collection of capitation fees by private medical colleges in the state is rampant.

In the voice recording, the agent says that the donation in other colleges are above Rs 40 lakh. The agents of colleges themselves have revealed the reality when the Chief Minister says that private managements are getting less money from external channels now.  The audio recording reveals the discussion between an agent and a student's guardian. 

In the audio clip, the agent says that the capitation fee in other colleges are above Rs 40 lakh and the parent need to pay only Rs 35 lakh in Al Azhar college. 

The agent says that Azeezia college in Kollam demands Rs 40 lakh for admissions. He further says that admission is sure even if the student's rank in NEET is 1 lakh. 

Audio recording of the phone call