Kochi: The High Court said that it cannot ask the state government to submit affidavit in the Supreme Court on Sabarimala issue. It also denied the demand to instruct Devaswom board to file a review plea on the same. The High Court clarified that it cannot intervene in the matters of the government and Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB).

The petitioner had demanded that the state government and TDB should take stand against the SC verdict. The government had said that they are with the devotee. Hence, the petitioner requested the HC to instruct government to submit affidavit in SC. HC rejected the demand.

The second demand of the petitioner wasa a review plea from the TDB. HC declined this too. The special bench of HC which considered the Devaswom cases observed that the government might be reluctant to file review plea as it took a positive stance on the SC verdict in Supreme Court.