Kochi: The nun who raised sexual abuse complaint against Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal made another revelation in her letter sent to the Pope's Ambassador. She revealed that the bishop targeted other nuns too with bad intention.

It is for the second time that the nun has sent a complaint to the Apostolic Nunico Giambasttista Diquattro who is the Pope's Ambassador. Seeking justice, the nun demanded immediate intervention in the complaint which has been neglected earlier.

In the letter, she noted that Bishop Franco used to trap nuns with whom he gets attracted. He was caught red handed from a nun’s prayer room in April 2017.

He shifted the nun to a convent in another state where only junior nuns are serving. In the same week, he moved to the convent and stayed there in the night. He took the nun to his bedroom till 12 in the night by claiming her assistance for spiritual purpose. Nobody dared to talk about the incident, afraid of the consequences, the nun wrote in the letter.

The complainant asserted that she can point out many incidents similar to this. She noted that she had not disclosed the incident to the probe team considering the nun’s future.

'I have been neglected by the church since I lodged complaint against the bishop,' the nun noted in the letter. The double standard of the church was also pointed out in the letter.

She requested the Apostolic Nunico to have mercy with her and take immediate action.

The nun alleged that if action is delayed, Franco and his companions will use the asset of the church to sabotage the probe.

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