Kochi: Opposition councillors at Kochi Corporation chose a different mode of protest against the Corporation’s alleged inaction in spite of increasing mosquito menace in the city. They staged a sit-in with mosquito nets on.

Earlier, it was planned to receive the Kochi Mayor by draping a mosquito net around her at the Corporation entrance. But, the Mayor who somehow came to know about the plan much earlier, did not turn up on Wednesday.

The protesting Councillors turned against the Deputy Mayor. When opposition leader K J Antony tried to drape the net around Deputy Mayor T J Vinod at his chamber, he resisted the attempt.

mosquito protest
Kochi corporation councillors trying to drape mosquito net around Deputy Mayor as a mark of protest


Instead, they went straight to the Mayor’s room and covered her chair with the net in the absence of the Mayor.

Inaugurating the protest, K J Antony said preventive measures against mosquito menace like spraying and fogging have not taken place yet. This is due to the delay in getting the vehicles back after repair works.