antonyNew Delhi: The Supreme Court, on Friday, stayed the death sentence awarded to Antony, who murdered six persons of a family in Aluva in 2001.

The stay order has been issued by a bench chaired by Justice Dipak Mishra while considering the review plea submitted by Antony.

The President had on April 27 last year rejected the mercy petition submitted by Antony. The plea submitted in 2010 was rejected after 5 years.

The incident related to the sensational case happened on January 6, 2001.

Antony had hacked to death Augustine (47) of Manjooran House on Pipeline road near St Mary’s School, Augustine’s wife Baby (42), children Jesmon (14), Divya (12), Augustine’s mother Clara Tommy and his sister Kochurani (42).

Antony, a resident of Vatican Street in Aluva, is a distant relative and also a family friend of Augustine.

Kochurani had assured to provide financial assistance to Antony, who was serving as a temporary driver at Aluva municipal office, to go abroad. The vengeance over the refusal of money resulted in Antony committing the mass murder.

After the incident, Antony escaped to Damam via Mumbai. Upon finding that he was guilty, police summoned him and arrested him on February 18, 2001.

Currently, he is lodged in Poojappura Central Jail.