Thiruvananthapuram: KSRTC Scania buses operating in the interstate routes are involving in accidents on a daily basis. A whopping Rs 84.34 lakh was spent to repair 18 buses which were involved in accidents recently. 

As the buses could not be operated for 314 days, this created a loss of Rs 80,000 per day. In total, the government suffered a loss of around Rs 4 crore due to the frequent accidents of Scania buses. Official figures put the number of accidents involving Scania at 86 in the past one year.

One of the buses, worth Rs 1.5 crore, had to be abandoned due to the unrepairable damage caused in an accident. The driver had dozed off at the wheels and the bus rammed onto a divider at Bengaluru.

On an average, accident happens in the rate of one in three days.

The KSRTC had informed the Assembly that the main reason for the accidents are the mistakes from the driver’s part. But no action was taken against the guilty. Only a fine amount of Rs 44, 263 were charged from three drivers for causing accidents in which the buses hit other stationary vehicles.

The accident rate increased after the double duty system was introduced, according to KSRTC. 

Earlier the circular from Southern ADGP had declared that the increased accident rate is caused due to the reckless driving by the KSRTC drivers. He had also instructed to send the details of the driver who frequently involve in accidents together with a copy of the FIR to the KSRTC MD.

Meanwhile there is no agreement made for the maintenance of these Scania buses. Hence the amount demanded by the company has to be paid with no questions asked.

Scania buses were bought to replace the Volvo buses. But when compared, Scania has lesser fuel efficiency than Volvo.