Thiruvananthapuram: It has come to light that a hi-tech robbery has been committed in the ATMs in the city.

After collecting ATM card details and secret pincode of consumers by installing a special electric device in an ATM in Thiruvananthapuram, the thieves withdrew money from ATMs in Mumbai on Sunday afternoon. 

More than 50 people have filed complaints at Peroorkada, Museum and Vattiyoorkavu police stations saying fraudsters have withdrawn money from their account. Some of the victims of the fraud said that money has been withdrawn from an ATM at Worli in Mumbai.


Majority of the victims received the text message of money withdrawal from their accounts around 1 pm on Sunday. The police team, who examined the SBI ATM at Althara junction in Vellayambalam, found a  special electric device installed in the roof of the ATM. It is said that the device has a camera also. 

ATM counter
Police examining the SBI ATM counter at Vellayambalam in Thiruvananthapuram. Photo: Jithin SR

The police are examining more ATMs in the city. There are reports that similar kind of robbery has been committed in the ATMs of Federal Bank and SBT in the city. 

All the ATMs suspected to have been robbed are located at busy areas of the city. 

Electric device

The SBI branch is located on the floor above the ATM counter at Althara junction.

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