Chengannur: Lakasseri native Rahul Raj (27) has proved with his own life that all crises in life can be resolved if we have determination and self confidence. One of his eyes completely lost vision and the other one is losing vision too. But this young man is not ready to give up. He has made his own niche in art. It is the fourth time he wins the title of Kalaprathibha in District Keralolsavam.

Rahul was leading a normal life in his childhood. When he was in class 8, he was hit by a cricket ball on his left eye, which destroyed the nerve. Though he underwent treatment, he started to lose his eyesight. Within two years, he lost vision on left eye. Gradually, the right eye also started to be affected and thus the injured left eye was replaced with an artificial eye. They had to struggle a lot to find the expense for the surgery.

Rahul would not have lost eyesight, if he had received better treatment. But since his father Rajendran was a security guard in Ernakulam, his meagre income was insufficient. The eye injury and the treatment lagged his studies by 2 years. He had to quit his graduation halfway and later completed diploma in Hotel Management.

Rahul has proved his talent in Kathak, mono act, mimicry, mappilapattu and folk song. Now he is pursuing diploma in Kathak in the Palakkad centre of Chhattisgarh University. Kolkata native Rajeeb Ghosh is his teacher in dance.

Rahul himself is a dance teacher. He is fully busy during the youth festival season. He has to train the children in drama, mono act and dance, and also doing makeup. His mother Nirmala and brother Viswaraj also support him to achieve his dreams.