Piravam: Today when social media rule the society, ‘Ente Pambakuda’ a WhatsApp community belong to Pamabakuda near Piravam has proved that they can use social media for a noble cause.

Ente Pambakuda has taken the responsibility of completing the construction of eight houses which was halted due to financial problems. They have successfully completed the concreting of the first house on Monday.

Ayappankutty, a native of Kochupamabakuda is the first person to receive the help from the WhatsApp group.

Ayappan, a coconut tree climber has started the construction of his house in 2008 after receiving a financial aid of Rs 75,000 from panchayat. But later Ayappan met with an accident and was bedridden with severe injuries. Thus the main concrete work of the house got interrupted. Though he started to go for work again, the family is still struggling to make both ends meet.

The members of the WhatsApp community has completed the main concrete work of the house on Monday with a grand celebration.

The group aims to speed up the construction of four other houses which are in the same condition.

‘Ente Pamabakuda’ group has conducted a public campaign against dumping of toilet waste in public places at Pamabakuda. In order to check this illegal action, the team has installed CCTV cameras in these areas.

This WhatsApp group administered by Jinu C Chandy, Siji Jolly, Eldoe Babu and Rajesh Habel has been carrying out such social services with the help of their friends in Pamabakuda and abroad.

The group has opened a bank account in Federal Bank to collect fund for their services.