Payyannur (Kannur): Instead of following a preset model for waste management, Payyannur municipality have chosen plastic waste eradication and bio compost making as a solution for the waste menace. The green action council of the municipality collect plastic from all wards and crush it before handing over for tarring purposes.

A plastic shredding unit is working at Moorikkovval under the municipality and then the shredded plastic is handed over to Clean Kerala Mission. Another unit to make the shredded plastic into blocks will soon be started at Moorikkovval.

The municipality is planning to implement programmes that enable household waste management within the houses in the municipality. Presently, they have implemented biogas and pipe compost systems and are further planning to encourage ring compost system in the area, said Municipality Chairman Sasi Vattakkovval.

Also the processing of biodegradable waste into bio fertilizer is set up in the municipality. The facilities for it has been arranged in the waste management unit in Moorikkovval. The fertilizer is prepared using the waste of vegetables and the like.

Selling of plastic carry bags has been banned on the municipality premises in order to control plastic use. Instead the municipality authorities and rotary club distributed cloth bags in the area. They have also taken actions to reduce use of plastic by conducting awareness classes for the public.