Thrissur: Looking after dogs is not a hobby for Smitha. Thalikulam-native Smitha nurtures 17 stray dogs at her home. Most of them were found in streets in terrible conditions.

Earlier, she had given away 18 other dogs that she had found abandoned in the streets.

Smitha is now on a mission to find owners for these 17 canines.

However, she was shattered both financially and health wise when she had to undergo a surgery. Working as a collection agent in Cooperative bank, she could not go for work for six months.  

The dogs require more than 3.5kg rice per day. They also require meat of Rs 4000 per month. Together with their treatment expenses a big amount of money is needed for taking care of them.

There are six dogs aged one month, one aged two months and four numbers aged four months. Smitha can be contacted to adopt dogs at 8078146977.