Chavakkad: Sea turtles have started coming ashore to lay eggs though they are late by one month this year. Normally, the turtles start nesting in the shore by November, but this year they started arriving by the end of December only. The turtle conservationists blame the heavy rains, sea level rise following cyclone Ockhi and climate change as the reasons for the delay in nesting by the  turtles.

Last year, 5 turtles had reached the shore by December, whereas only two arrived this year to lay eggs at Chavakkad coast. Surya Turtle Conservation Committee is all set to safeguard the turtles that arrived at Puthankadappuram shore to lay eggs. The turtle laid 125 eggs and returned to the sea. It takes about 45 days to hatch the eggs. The conservationists will take care of the eggs until all of them hatches.

The activists of Green Habitat have arranged night patrolling for protecting the turtle eggs, because they are more likely to get eaten by other creatures and destroyed in the sea rise. About 20 turtles had laid eggs in Chavakkad coast last year and more than 1000 baby turtles returned to the sea.